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About AMS Automated Merchant Services, LLC was organized in 2002 and prides itself by providing the lowest cost custom Credit Card Processing Solutions for your business. While providing low cost processing solutions, we don't sacrifice the customer service your business should demand and expect. Read More
Get Cash Advances Get the money you need to build your business with a cash advance from Automated Merchant Services, money you need to take keep the wheels of growth spinning. This is not a loan, but an advance based on your future sales. To pay it back, just keep doing business as usual! Get Started
Accept Mobile Payments Accept credit card payments securely and safely from your own iPad, mobile device or smartphone using our free Mobile App or a third-party solution. With mobile payments, your storefront literally goes anywhere you do! Get Started
eCommerce Sites AMS' eCommerce websites give you an extremely easy way to sell products online. We supply you with modern eStore designs and the powerful features you need to provide a consistent shopping experience that works with desktop PCs, tablets and mobile phones. The online shopping experience once reserved for major online retailers is now affordable and at your fingertips. Get Started
Our Products World Class Terminal Products From credit and debit card transactions to check services and gift cards, AMS has a terminal to fit the needs of every merchant. Get Started
Become an AMS Reseller Interested in working as an independent contractor selling our merchant services? Automated Merchant Services LLC has the reseller program you have been looking for. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and knowledge of the business. Get Started

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Who we are: Automated Merchant Services, LLC is a Registered ISO/MSP of Chase-Paymentech Solutions, LLC, and a nationwide leader in providing Wholesale Pricing Solutions in payment processing services. Known for our superior customer service we obtain the majority of our customers through referrals from our existing customer base. In addition through our strong partnership channels we continue to provide the latest innovations in ecommerce, mobile payments, retail, restaurant, lodging, and business to business solutions to name a few.

With a 12 year track record of providing the latest technologies we ensure your business has the tools it needs to stay ahead of your competition.

In choosing Automated Merchant Services, LLC as your preferred payment processor you can rest assured that we will provide your company the lowest pricing solution and combine it with our industry recognized 24/7 support, latest technologies, comprehensive customer service, and important industry updates.

Your complete, one-stop electronic payment processing solution